Elvis In Concert – Love Coming Down

This was designed a while back to accompany the Star DVD release, which was basically an expanded edition of the 1977 CBS TV Special “Elvis In Concert”. Whilst the telecast has never seen an official DVD release, RCA did issue a soundtrack album back in 1977, but the photographs used for the album artwork were taken during earlier tours in 1975, 1974 and 1972 respectively.

In fact, no RCA record releases issued during Elvis lifetime featured any post 1975 photography. The reasoning behind this was to protect the image, but as the ’70’s progressed some of the images chosen for the official releases were not particularly flattering either, despite the fact that they had been taken on earlier tours, and I don’t think current images, if carefully chosen, would have been any less flattering in most cases.

So for this design, I decided to keep most of the elements of the original double album release, using images from the final tours, as despite the well documented problems, there were still some pretty decent shots taken during Elvis’ final year of performing.

Thanks to Steve Rogers from the From Elvis CD Collectors Only Forum for reminding me about these designs:


Rebel Designs Presents – The Memphis Sessions, 1969

cover copy

This project started last October, with the idea to create an alternative cover for Elvis’ classic 1969 release “From Elvis In Memphis”. As is normally the case, with input and ideas from other fans the project soon grew, and before long there were multiple designs for both “From Elvis In Memphis” and its follow up album “Back In Memphis” in progress as the months passed.

I will be putting the individual covers up for download in the coming weeks, but firstly I wanted to present them in a portfolio, with a little background information on how the project evolved, and how this was influenced by the decisions RCA made with Elvis’ album releases back in the 1969 – 70 period.

Hope you enjoy the designs and the story behind them. David Parker / Rebel Designs.

PDF download:

FEIM Portfolio

Rebel Designs Presents – Elvis Is Back! – The Design Portfolio

Earlier this year I found myself discussing the merits of the original cover artwork for the “Elvis Is Back!” album, with fellow For Elvis CD Collectors forum member, EPA4368. (aka Joe). We both agreed that it would have been great if RCA had included a complete photo booklet in the style of the 1957 “Elvis’ Christmas Album”, and this led us to discussing the type of photos that could have been included in the package. The full story, along with the high resolution artwork is available for download below.

Hopefully, you will take the time to download the pdf file, as this tells the story behind the design process, as well including additional images related to one of Elvis’ most enduring albums.
David Parker / Rebel Designs

Rebel Designs Presents Elvis Is Back!

book cover copy

Rebel Designs Presents “Elvis Is Back!” – The Single

single59full single60

Rebel Designs Presents – Elvis Is Back! – The 1960 Photos (part 2)

Aug 60 front colbacknewaltv copyMarch 60 alt colbacknew copy

Rebel Designs Presents – Elvis Is Back! – The 1960 Photos (part 1)

Grace back Gracefront Miami back Miami front Tux fronteib1retro copy retro copy Aug 60 back

Rebel Designs Presents – Elvis Is Back! – The Army Photos

amry style back copy army style bonus Le Retour back Le Retour front


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