I did this one just for fun really. The movie soundtracks are often criticised, but I know that many fans enjoy them immensely, and I would certainly put myself in this category. I grew up watching Elvis’ movies on television, and most of the first albums I owned were Camden releases that showcased numerous soundtrack recordings. I know now that there are better songs and performances in the Presley catalogue, but these songs still got me hooked on the man and his music, and I still enjoy listening to them today.

For this compilation, I wanted to give some credit to Elvis’ singing co-stars (something the Colonel would never allow) and this also gave me a good excuse to use pictures of Ann Margret and Nancy Sinatra on the cover art. All of the masters are sourced from the ‘90’s ‘Double Features’ CD series, which were totally remixed and sound great, and these have been mixed with a number of personal favourite alternates from later re-issues and compilations. If you have the albums, why not make yourself an I-pod playlist…it’s a fun listen.


lyginnertray copy

LetyourselfgoBACK copy

lygoinsidecovfullcol copy