Over the past 12 months I became interested in collecting vinyl again (more about this in an upcoming post) and one of the main attractions of this has been transferring the dedicated mono mixes from vinyl to digital audio.

The first album I transferred was a 1982 K-Tel compilation titled “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel”, and to be honest, I didn’t expect much from this one. The packaging looked cheap, and I decided to use the album for a test run to see if I had set my new turntable up correctly, as I wasn’t willing to risk this with a rarer title.

However, when the needle hit the grooves I was very pleasantly surprised. The record sounded great, and after paying more attention to the sleeve-notes and  the run out grooves, I soon realised that this compilation had been mastered by none other than the Legendary Boppin’ Bob Jones. Hence, the great sound quality.


RREBEL inside copy2

rnr back2 copy

rnr back2

I wasn’t happy with the original K-Tel artwork, so I came up with two alternate designs. One being my take on an ‘80’s K-Tel compilation, whilst the other is a ‘50’s RCA styled design, which is totally influenced by  the artwork from Elvis’ 2nd album from 1956, and features more of those wonderful 1956 publicity photos taken by David B. Hecht.

rca front copy

sleevenotes for RCA version

rca tray copy

rca back

Now I have started to transfer original mono albums, and I thought it would be fun to come up with some alternate cover designs for these, rather than just use the existing cover art. The first of these is the much maligned “Harem Holiday” (a.k.a “Harum Scarum”….it depends on which part of the world you are from) soundtrack. Taken from a pristine U.K. mono pressing, the original mixes sounded pretty good, and it was great fun coming up with a ‘60’s style alternate cover design.

There are more soundtrack designs to follow, but I know there is a little “Harum Scarum Appreciation Society” out there somewhere, so this one is for you folks.

1 HH front

2 HH front inside

3 HH back inside

4 HH back