I originally posted this design back in December 2012, (see the link on the left). I had some great feedback over on the For Elvis CD Collectors forum, and it seems that despite my research into this project, I had actually overlooked a number of additional performances that featured Elvis at the piano.

Dr John Carpenter kindly provided a list of additional recordings which were as follows:

Tryin’ to Get to You – 1955
Old Shep – 1956
Peace In The Valley – 1957, take 1
Wear My Ring (Around Your Neck) – 1958
I Understand – 1958 demo
Earth Angel – 1959 demo
The Titles Will Tell – 1959 demo
Send Me Some Lovin’ – 1959 demo
The Fool – 1959 demo
I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder – 1960 demo, duet w/Nancy Sharp
Make Believe – 1960 demo, duet w/Nancy Sharp
If I Loved You – 1966 demo, use Time-Life mastering
Moonlight Sonata – 1966 demo

Of the above I chose to add the following masters; Trying to Get To You, Old Shep, Wear My Ring Around Your Neck and the alternate take 1 of Peace In The Valley. Whilst I have always enjoyed the home recordings, and find them fascinating to listen to, the only one I have chosen to include on this compilation is If I Loved You, and the reason for this is issues with the sound quality.

Rather like the raw soundboard audio that I added to the end of my first compilation, the drop in sound quality really spoils the flow of the album. I decided to keep If I Loved You as the sound quality on this recording (sourced from a Timelife Love Songs compilation) is comparable to that of a studio recording, and it fits into this compilation very nicely.

Perhaps a compilation of the best home recordings would be a nice future project, as there are certainly some excellent performances in the above list, and it would be nice to put them to use at some point, but for the moment here is the revised Elvis At The Piano:

1 EAP Front

2 EATP notes 1

3 EATP notes 2

4 EATP notes graphics

5 EATP notes 3

6 EATP tracks 1

7 EATP tracks 2

8 EATP booklet

9 EATP back inner

10 EATP back