Anyone that followed my work on the two 1969 Memphis albums over the past year will know that original vinyl has been a huge influence on my recent designs.

Here is my design for a 7” E.P. that RCA could have issued back in the mid sixties. Three of the four tracks were first issued as ‘bonus tracks’ on the “Spinout” (a.k.a. “California Holiday” in Europe) soundtrack album back in 1966, whilst “Come What May” was issued as the flip side to the “Love Letters” single during the same year.

“Spinout” is by no means the worst of the mid sixties Presley soundtracks, but RCA’s decision to use these great recordings as filler on a soundtrack album meant that they were lost to the general public at a time when a strong, secular release from Elvis would have given his career a much needed boost.

In more recent times, these mistakes have been rectified. Firstly with the 1999 CD album “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”, and more recently in 2011 with the 7” FTD CD “Elvis Sings Guitar Man”. This was an expanded version of the 1999 concept of collecting performances from 1966 – 68 which had originally been issued in a haphazard fashion.

You can really have fun with these 7” vinyl style designs, as they are big enough for inner sleeves and bonus cards, and really capture the retro feel. Keep your eye on the blog for further updates in this style.

66 EP backbw copy

66 EPV2 copy