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Those that read and post on the For Elvis CD Collectors Forum will no doubt already be familiar with a wonderful article by George Smith titled “Elvis ’71 – Exodus”.

The article discusses Elvis’ secular 1971 recordings and the lost, folk tinged, album that RCA could (and should) have issued at the time as the follow up to “I’m 10,000 Years Old – Elvis Country”.

After compiling the tracks for personal use I enjoyed the album so much that I decided to create some cover art for it. Whilst working on designs for both CD and vinyl versions of the album, I asked George for his permission to use the article to accompany the designs when I published them on the blog.

George very kindly agreed, and the project began to evolve from there into the publication that you can now download below. This showcases both George’s original article and the new designs, along with some background information on the design process.

As Elvis’ producer Felton Jarvis was heard to say as Elvis accompanied himself on the piano during these sessions; “someone will dig that, man”. I hope you dig it too.

With kind credits and courtesy to George Smith.

Download link below:

Exodus ’71